Sunday, December 11, 2011

currently reading...

I am currently reading "Jinx" by Meg Cabot, and so far I've found it's plot very interesting. here is a short summary: jean (her nickname  is jinx) is going to live with her relatives in New York, and discovers that her cousin has changed, and not in a good way. both Jean and Tory (her cousin) turn out to be witches, and tory is using her powers for bad.
I wouldn't suggest this book for younger readers (under 13 or 14) because they talk about drugs, and black magic. but aside from that, I haven't come across anything else "bad" yet, so I'm hoping that it has a good ending!

Panda nails!

     I love how these turned out! they could use some practice, but I'm still quite proud of them. I got the design from cutepolish-

new blog, new blogger

yes, I have finally made a blog! I've been waiting until I was thirteen (not my idea) to get an account, and then when I finally did, it completely slipped my mind. so, many months later, the thought has come back to me and I have made one! it is still a work in progress, with many changes to be made, and stories to post, but I'm sure it'll be up and running in less than a week.