Sunday, January 29, 2012

I poofed for a month XP

been crazy busy trying to catch up on school, and I've been volunteering, and babysitting! so that leaves zero time for blog posting :( (weeeeeell, not that I have any FOLLOWERS that are WAITING for me to post stuff. But (maybe) in the distant future when (if) I do have followers, I want then to have something interesting to read, that have been posted at different time for a specific (unlike the posts where I just ramble on about something, which is what this post is turning into.) so basically I just apologized to my nonexistent followers, which confirms my whole teenage psycho theory. oh yeah! and if I do suddenly get a follower, they'll be wondering why the blog address is so different from the blog name (well, no they wouldn't but I would so I'll tell you anyways) I changed it from "chocolate and hazelnuts" to "Psychotic Panda Person" (I think the second one describes me better) So, it is nearing the end of January (I canNOT believe it! I swear someone stole the month away while my back was turned) and February will be another busy month, but I will try to post and update a little more on my blog, and hopefully I will have FOLLOWERS!!!!!! hey.... I just had an idea!

The first follower of this blog (Psychotic panda person) will win a PRIZE!!!!!(The prize shall be revealed later on)

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