Friday, February 10, 2012

Justin Bieber....

Justin Bieber... truth is, the kid's too popular for his own good health and safety. I mean if he tried to go for a walk in the street he'd be mobbed by a group of teenage girls within a few minutes- just enough time for them to text each other- and be completely defenseless with his flimsy arms. Now I've never been a deliberate Bieber fan, but it drives me nuts when you meet a girl who thinks her only purpose in life is Justin Bieber (and I get even madder at the people who think their only purpose in life is to hate him- he's a human too!) and I do like that he has said he's a proud Christian numerous times (and his song "pray" has more meaningful words than all his other songs put together!) but he can say whatever he wants; it doesn't matter at all if he doesn't prove it through his actions. And with him dating the slutty singer/actress Selena Gomez, things aren't looking like he's headed the right direction. It looks like he's caught hollywoodidis, just like brittany spears, miley cyrus and joe jonas (just to name a few) I will still hope and pray for justin, that he doesn't cave in with all the hollywood pressure he's under and that he lives past 20.

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